x on ground - swap form

c on ground - jump

arrow keys - move


  • c - dive kick, turn evil after a timer.
  • x - teleport sideways.
  • z - if far from obstacles, fast dash.


  • c - jump, turn good.
  • x - lose control dash.
  • z - teleport down, cancel dash.


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This is an interesting concept. I love the idea of having diverse mechanic sets. One thing I wish was different is making the learning curve a little less steep. While the level design seems simple enough to experiment with the mechanics, I wonder whether it would be better to have one or two levels at the start with just the "good" counterpart and one after that with just the "evil" counterpart. IN my first few tries, I'm finding it slightly overwhelming to remember all the mechanics. Once I get a better understanding (and remember) what all I could do with both the parts, using and switching between the two might make it less challenging. The music and art style are pretty nice too. Nice work!

interesting point. there are some levels that only require the evil form so moving those earlier could make it more intuitive.